It starts with a conversation.

In our first dialogue, you paint a picture of your family’s financial aspirations and life plan. Through thoughtful discussion we identify specific goals and time horizons, while assessing risk tolerance and unique concerns specific to your situation.

We take a European approach to wealth management, where an integrated team of financial experts develop a tailored plan. Much like a personal family office, our integrated investment, accounting and legal professionals work in concert to capitalize on tax and estate planning opportunities.

complex analysis

Once the plan is confirmed, we use sophisticated data modeling to develop a strategic asset allocation optimized for the highest return within a given risk profile. State of the art portfolio management software allows us to monitor performance and make tactical asset allocation adjustments depending on macroeconomic trends.

simplified execution

Our focus is on global asset allocation and a disciplined approach to portfolio rebalancing. By utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) we achieve a highly diversified and efficient portfolio. This simplified execution leads to lower costs and a better understanding of how your investments are working for you.

tailored accounts

Separately Managed Accounts provide the opportunity to customize holdings within each individual client to fully realize the advantage of tax sheltered vehicles. We can also implement global tactical adjustments to the asset allocation, while preserving any sector adjustments specific to your plan.

financial concierge

Wealth goes beyond just financial assets. Business ownership is one of the primary sources of wealth for many clients. We leverage our expertise in banking, operations, M&A and tax law to act as financial concierge and optimize value to the business owner at critical financial decision points in our relationship.