Word around the water cooler.

  1. Q1 2022 Market Update

    Between the Russia-Ukraine conflict, inflation, and interest rate hikes, many clients felt higher than normal volatility in their portfolio during the first quarter of 2022. Here is an economic and market update from Sagace Wealth.

  2. Expecting an inheritance? Four things to consider.

    When you receive an inheritance, you may be overwhelmed by your options and unsure of where to start. Here are four things Sagace Wealth recommends.

  3. What is Wealth Management? (And Is It Something That Would Help You?)

    Wealth management can help a family navigate their financial journey, including financial planning, investment management, estate/legacy planning, and tax strategies.

  4. Your CPA, Wealth Advisor, and Attorney Should Be Talking To Each Other.

    Our partnership with Spoor Law and SBF Accounting means that higher net worth clients can benefit from all three services working together. Hear answers to key questions on this integrated approach.

  5. What Did the GameStop Frenzy Mean for Investors?

    If you followed the GameStop stock story, you probably have a lot of questions about how it affects your investment future.

  6. Selling Your Business? What You Need to Know.

    A Q&A on Wealth Transition and Succession Planning.